Depression and its relation A psychological study on pregnant women of Agartala

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PREGNANCY - AN OVERVIEW: Pregnancy is a transitional period of a women's life. The miracle of pregnancy and the transformation of woman into mother have engrossed individuals from ancient history to the present. However, the health and wellness experts have started to highlight the psychological aspects of pregnancy that women go through during their journey of motherhood in the last previous century only. Pregnancy is the stage of development of one/more than one embryo or fetus in the uterus. An 'embryo' is the emerging descendants during the initial two months following conception, and afterward the term 'fetus' is used till the birth of the unborn child. A numerous pregnancy includes more than one embryo in a solitary pregnancy, for example, with twins. Usually childbirth occurs around 38 weeks after conception. Conception can be occurred through the process of sexual intercourse or with the help of reproductive technology. One of the scientific terms used for the condition of pregnancy is 'gravidity' means 'heavy' in Latin and an expected women is termed as 'gravida'. In medical science, a lady who has never been pregnant is alluded as a 'nulligravida'; a lady who is (or has been) pregnant for the first time is known as a 'primigravida'. 'Multigravida' or multiparous are the terms used for a lady with subsequent pregnancies. The most common way to check the beginning of pregnancy is the day one of the woman's LNMP or last normal menstrual period. The fetal age is also count from that date of LNMP. However this count of fetal age changes when the pregnancy or fertilization is occurred with the assistance of reproductive technology like invitro fertilization. Fertilization is the process where the egg cell (female reproductive cell) fuses with spermatozoon, the male reproductive cell to form a zygote. In natural conditions this fusion occurs following the sexual intercourse and thus brings natural pregnancy. It can also be occurred by intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization. In natural pregnancy,