Sudoku For Kids 8-12: A Collection Of Hard Sudoku Puzzles For Kids Ages 8-12 With Solutions Gradually Introduce Children to Sudoku and Grow

9785292437147 | 2021 | Tokuma Shoten | Englisch
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Here's the perfect first sudoku puzzle book for you, if you're looking for a sudoku book for beginners.

This book is designed to be a great way to start kids ages 8-12 on Sudoku, but it is good for all beginners. The more puzzles you solve, the more you want to play - that's the secret of sudoku, the Japanese sensation that's sweeping the globe. There are a lot of sudoku puzzle books available, but this fantastic illustrated edition is specially designed for kids.

About this book:

. Perfect Size: 8,5 x 11 in
. Puzzles are specifically designed for kids ages 8-12
. Printed on high-quality paper
. Improves logic skills
. Premium Soft Glossy Cover