A study of environmental accounting and reporting practices in Indian manufacturing companies with special reference to selected cement companies

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Evolution and Changing Nature of Accounting The world is very dynamic because the static nature of any phenomena cannot help to grow. For the development of anything, there are various ways' viz. transformation, rationalization, invention, and innovation. Many uncountable physical and environmental changes have taken place in this universe from its creation to present conditions. This process of transformation is done by nature itself. Nature always presents such compositions, which is favorable and suitable for the growth of humans and other biological species. At the advent of Human civilization, the humans experienced the vital importance of nature. Due to this reason, humans worshiped nature as God mentioned in various available holy religious book such as Vedas, Granthas, and Purans in the Hindu religion(Shukla & Gupta, 2017). Still, many families in villages worship various trees like NEEM and PEEPAL, various rivers, i.e., The Ganga and The Yamuna. In Islam, the waste of water is considered as a sin. The human body is made of five elements viz. water, air, earth, sky or space, and fire clearly explained in Hindu religious books. In the same way, our environment has certain elements that are in a balanced composition. If any adverse conditions emerge, it causes an imbalance in proportions, which ultimately generate pollution in the environment. The human was healthy at the time when such environmental issues did not arise. They were capable in performing work with more energy and stamina. Our ancestors were scientific in their routine work, and named this good living lifestyle as traditions further, uniformly accepted as religion. However, it is also rightly said that Avarice is the root of all evils. Due to the advent of industry and trade development, human thinking changed drastically. The economic aspect got more attention than any other aspect. The primary motives of peoples became wealth generation and its accumulation. The achievement of the industrial revolution attracted peoples to follow the path and move ahead on this way. The people considered wealth as a panacea that could solve all the problems. i.e., help in getting in good food, shelter, health, as well as everything. Income-generating activities got priority over non-economical activities. The people forgot about the consequences arising due to.